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Know Your Compliance Obligations. Minimize Your Risk.

Human Resource professionals know they must comply with health and welfare plan laws or else expose their company to significant potential liability. Unfortunately, Human Resource departments are being asked to do more with less, and most lack the time, money and resources to ensure these obligations are performed timely and accurately.

Compliancedashboard™ uses web technology to simplify this labor and time intensive process. Its multifaceted approach provides the compliance information you need, when you need it.

Who Can Benefit from Compliancedashboard™?
Employers who do not have a dedicated HR staff or have a small staff with multiple responsibilities. Staff members are typically not trained or educated in this aspect of group insurance, and in many cases, these employers are unaware of their obligations and the fiduciary standards to which they are being held.

Employers with a dedicated human resources department. While dedicated HR staff may be knowledgeable in this aspect of group insurance, they still may not have the time or ability to follow-up and ensure compliance instructions are understood and carried out. They are typically inundated with day-to-day HR responsibilities that are more time-sensitive or pressing.

Employers with multiple locations who distribute compliance information from a home office to multiple regional offices. Home office personnel do not always have the time or ability to train regional offices on health and welfare plan laws, nor can they follow-up and ensure compliance instructions are understood and carried out.

Multiple Employer Plans including Trade Association Trust Funds and Taft Hartley Welfare Funds, where responsibility for health plan compliance is often not clearly defined or understood among the various entities involved in plan administration. In many cases, no one is accountable for assuring that compliance tasks are fulfilled or for educating the individual employers on their compliance responsibilities.