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South Carolina Association for Justice

The South Carolina Association for Justice (SCAJ) health plan was initiated in April of 2009. This plan gives members of the SCAJ the opportunity to participate in a health plan designed exclusively for its members.

By offering specialized benefit plan options, members of the SCAJ are able to choose between six different plan options which are only available to them. The association plan also affords members the opportunity to maintain lower premiums by "pooling" their claims experience with other SCAJ members.

The plan is administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina offering members the largest network of providers in the world. This plan gives members access to all Blue Cross Blue Shield Providers worldwide with no referrals necessary.

Life, Dental, and Disability insurance are also available to members of the SCAJ through Eastern Life & Health Insurance Co. These benefit options are available to members at discounted rates.

Property, Casualty, and Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance are available to members of the SCAJ through the Hartford. All of these products are available individually or as a package in a Business Owners Policy (BOP).

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