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South Carolina Manufacturer's Alliance/Lowcountry Manufacturer's Council

The South Carolina Manufacturer’s Alliance (SCMA) Health Plan is a statewide association plan that offers benefits and rates that are exclusive to manufacturers. This gives companies greater flexibility in offering benefit options to their employees. We are currently able to offer the plan through Carolina Care Plan. We are currently able to offer the plan through Medova Healthcare.

Since its inception in 2001, the SCMA Health Plan has saved employers an average of 38%. Our annual increases of 5% to 8% each year, versus the state average of 15-18%, have enabled us to control costs over a long period of time. To date, more than 300 companies have applied for the SCMA Health Plan. Currently, there are more than 120 member companies, 3,500+ employees and 10,000+ total members enrolled.

For Companies located in the tri-county area of Charleston (Charleston, Berkley, and Dorchester) your company will also be a member of the Lowcountry Manufacturer’s Council. This gives added benefits to your company.